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Eurocharts Kanban Control Product Overview

Small to medium sized businesses in particular have realised that Kanban Management; through utilisation of the Kanban Board, is beneficial to production processes which contain only a small number of variants. However, providing the correct tools are used it is also beneficial to the productivity and efficiency of production processes which contain a larger number of variants.
Cascading Pocket Kanban Board
The Cascading Pocket Kanban Board provides both the planning staff and the employees with the possibility of obtaining a comprehensive overview of requirements and inventory stocks, thus facilitates management of the work processes without regular intervention. The Kanban Board is assembled according to the specific company requirements. However, the principle function is always the same. The Kanban cards (that have been removed from the consumed product) are inserted into into the Kanban Board pockets; arranged by line or column, to visualise the manufacturing requirements. The Individual Kanban card pockets can be colour coded to requirement to produce a more decisive visible overview, or can simply be a uniform colour.
Eurocharts Cascading Rack Kanban Board
Common Application
Utilising the traffic signal Kanban Board assembly, the Kanban cards are initially sorted into the green pockets. The first Kanban card to reach the yellow zone signals that the predefined lot size has been reached, hence indicates that production can be started to replenish the buffer inventory. A Kanban card that reaches the red zone indicates that productions needs to commence immediately to ensure no product deficiency develops.
Eurocharts Cascading Rack Kanban Board Traffic Light system
Key Features
Available in A4, A5 & A6 Formats
Durable steel pockets suitable for industrial use
Design to requirement - modular construction.
Coloured racks, different coloured pockets within a rack & multiple pocket depths
15mm Pocket capacity for multiple card storage
Wall or backing board mounted
Eurocharts Cascading Rack Kanban Board Durable Steel Pockets
Channel Planner Kanban Board
The Channel Planner Kanban Board System provides flexible self-clipping channels to receive Kanban cards. A stable frame encloses the Channel Planner producing a rigid and durable board. The range of Channel Planner Kanban Board accessories allow information to be arranged efficiently in a precise and understandable manner. Limiting strips; applied by the user, restrict the length of the flexible self-clipping tracks. This means only the desired number of Kanban cards can be inserted into each track. Yellow and red clamping markers are used to define the Kanban status zones such as "Start" and "Urgent".
Eurocharts Channel Planner Kanban Board with Self Clipping Tracks
The Channel Planner Kanban boards are available as modular & popular Kit boards with a range of channel depths to accommodate standard Kanban card formats.
Boards may be produced to specification and the Channel Planner Kanban Board may be extended at a future date.
Eurocharts Channel planner Kanban Board - Framed, rigid and durable
Eurocharts Kanban Card Columns - Loaded
Kanban Card Columns
The Kanban Card columns are a highly versatile modular system that operates on the same principal as the Channel Planner Kanban Boards without the restriction of a large board based system.
The single column construction enables a personalised system layout to be formed by mounting the columns to your personal spacing requirements.
50 pocket depth
Robust metal construction with hard foil overlapping pockets
Designed to accommodate Kanban Card dimesnions: 82 mm (W) x 195-210 mm (H)
Pocket depth of 175 mm
Knabn Card Visibale Edge of 20mm (Approx.)
Highlight Key information with Marker Bar accessories
'Metal Eye' Kanban Card Pockets
The 'Metal Eye' Kanban Card Pockets ensure that Kanban Cards are securely and efficiently attached to the consumable product or containers via cardboard box pins or plastic fixing ties. The transparent pocket is supported by a backing foil producing a durable and reusable pocket.
The 'Metal Eye' Kanban pockets are available in A5-landscape format only.

Colour: Blue-Grey
Eurocharts Metal Eye Kanban Card Pockets
Magnetic, Hook & Loop or Adhesive Kanban Card Pockets
Moulded plastic, open fronted (edged on 3 sides) Kanban Card Pockets are available in magnetic, hook & loop or permanent adhesive backed formats. This enables the pocket and Kanban Card to be securely fixed to the consumable product, product container or product shelving.
The durable plastic pockets are ideal for continual and rapid reassignment of Kanban cards, where additional Kanban card protection can be achieved through the utilisation of transparent cover inserts (optional).
Eurocharts Magnetic, Hook Loop and Adhesive Backed Kanban Card Pockets
Eurocharts Magnetic, Adhesive and Hook Loop Kanban Card Pocket Backings
Eurocharts Magnetic, Adhesive and Hook Loop Kanban Card Pocket Protective Cover
The Magnetic, Hook & Loop and Permanent Adhesive backed Kanban pockets are available in A3, A4, A5 & A6 portrait and landscape format.

Colours: Dark-Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green, Transparent, Light-Grey, Blue-Grey