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Marker Pens... Erasers... Magnetic Tape... Magnetic Shapes... Magnetic Letters...

Eurocharts offers a complete range of Whiteboard Accessories including Marker Pens, Magnetic erasers, coloured magnetic planning tape, cut-to-purpose magnetic sheets and die-cut magnetic shapes & letters.
Whiteboard Markers & Erasers
Marker Pens
Dry-Wipe Whiteboard Marker Pens
Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green
(One colour per pack)
Ref Pack Offer Price (£)
EWMP-10 10 13.55
Colour QTY Basket
Lead time: 5-7 Days
Erasers & Holders
The magnetic Pen Holder has the capacity to store 6 whiteboard marker pens and a single whiteboard eraser (Markers & Erasers supplied separately)
The magnetic Waved Whiteboard Eraser can be stored directly on any magnetic whiteboard for instant access
Ref Description Offer Price (£)
17000259 Pen & Eraser Holder 4.25
07000138 Magnetic Eraser 2.10
Ref QTY Basket
Lead time: 5-7 Days
Eurocharts Magnetic Whiteboard Accessories, including Marker Holder and Whiteboard Magnets

Marker Pens, Pen Holder &
Circular Whiteboard Magnets

Eurocharts Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

Kiss Cut Indicator Sheets
Eurocharts range of kiss cut magnetic indicators
Square cut 36mm printed magnetic indicators supplied 16 indicators per sheet.
Simply remove individual indicators by hand and assign to any magnetic based planning or information display system to instantly indicate progress status and feedback
Pack Size: 48 Indicators (3 x Sheets - 16 x indicators per sheet)
One design per pack unless otherwise stated
Available Designs: Happy Face (Green), Neutral Face (Yellow), Sad Face (Red), Mixed Face Pack, Tick (Black on Green), Cross (Red), Exclamation Mark (Red warning triangle)
Ref Indicator Size Pack Price
KCI-36 36mm Square 3 x Sheets
(16 indicators/sheet)
Ref Design QTY Basket
Lead Time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Magnetic Kiss Cut Indicator Sheets Design Samples
Eurocharts Magnetic Kiss Cut Indicator Sheets
Eurocharts Magnetic Kiss Cut Indicators Seperated
Circular Whiteboard Memo Magnets
Ideal to use as markers in whiteboard planning systems or to attach paper notes to any magnetic display surface
Compatible with any magnetic surface
Ref Diameter Pack Offer Price (£)
EMM-10 10 mm 5 1.15
EMM-15 15 mm 5 1.25
EMM-20 20 mm 5 1.55
EMM-25 25 mm 5 1.75
EMM-30 30 mm 5 2.15
Ref Colour QTY Basket
Lead Time: 3-7 days
Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
Eurocharts Magnetic Memo Magnets

Plain Whiteboard Magnets

Eurocharts Printed Magnetic Memo Magntes

Print Any Design

Whiteboard Gridding Tape
Eurocharts Whiteboard Gridding Tape. No more constantly redrawing tables and lines on a whiteboard surface
Simply apply the self-adhesive gridding tape (using the supplied dispenser) directly to the whiteboard surface to divide the board into any required layout
Available in black or red gloss
Ref D x L (mm) Colour Price (£)
GT-DB-16 1.6 x 16,500 Black Gloss 3.45
GT-DB-32 3.2 x 16,500 Black Gloss 3.95
GT-DR-15 1.5 x 10,000 Red Gloss 3.45
GT-DR-30 3.0 x 10,000 Red Gloss 3.95
Ref QTY Basket
Lead time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Whiteboard Gridding Tape
Eurocharts Whiteboard Gridding Tape in 4 depths
Coloured Magnetic Tape
Coloured Magnetic Tape available in 5 different depths and 5 colours.
Cut the 5m tape to length to highlight, illustrate or schedule information on any magnetic surface
Colours: Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
Ref D x L (mm) Offer Price (£)
MT-10 10 x 10,000 5.95
MT-15 15 x 10,000 6.95
MT-20 20 x 10,000 7.95
MT-25 25 x 10,000 8.95
MT-30 30 x 10,000 9.95
Ref Colour QTY
Lead Time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Coloured Magnetic Tape Rolls
Magnetic Label Holder
Magnetic flat C-profile with transparent protective strip and plain title card. Cut to Length
Ref L x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
C-25 1000 x 25 3.35
C-30 1000 x 30 3.75
C-40 1000 x 40 4.05
C-50 1000 x 50 4.45
Ref QTY Basket
Lead time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Magnetic Column Text Strip Holder - Cut To Length
Eurocharts Magnetic Column Text Strip Holder - Complete
Magnetic Sheets
Durable A4 magnetic sheets designed to be cut or guillotined into any desired shape. Common applications include, colour coding, heading, highlighting, planning and scheduling on magnetic whiteboards or any magnetic surface.
Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White
Ref Size Pack Offer Price (£)
EMS-A4 A4 1 10.15
Colour QTY Basket
Lead time: 5-10 Days
Eurocharts Magnetic Planning Sheets
Magnetic Shapes
Coloured Magnetic Sheets with a variety of pre-punched shapes. Each sheet has 81 die cut shapes of various sizes including arrows, squares, circles and triangles.
Popular applications for Magnetic Shapes include project and production planning, training applications and information highlighting.
Colours: Supplied in assorted colour packs (Black, White, Blue, Green, red, Yellow)
Ref Size (mm) Pack Offer Price (£)
AMS-81 150 x 150 6 25.45
Lead time: 5-10 days
Eurocharts Coloured Magnetic Shape Sheets
Magnetic Letters
A4 Sheets of pre-punched Letters or Numbers.
All characters are Square cut to allow simple alignment. Sheets are available in two character heights (23 or 43 mm).
Common applications include simple signage, whiteboard headers, data input and even to create your own in-out board or whiteboard production chart.
Colours: Black on White
Ref Character Type Character Height Offer Price (£)
ML23 Letter 23 mm 6.95
MN23 Number 23 mm 6.95
ML43 Letter 43 mm 6.95
MN43 Number 43 mm 6.95
Colour QTY Basket
Lead time: 3-7 Days
Eurocharts Magnetic Letter and Magnetic Number Sheets