Planning for Christmas? We’ve Got It All Wrapped Up!

Don’t be a Christmas (planning) pudding; we’ve got some tree-mendous ideas to take the stress out of the holly-days! Read on or yule be sorry (oh deer!).

Start Early, Plan Wisely
Jokes aside, preparation is the key. As Love Actually shows, November is the time to start planning! Where better to begin than with a whiteboard calendar? Opt for the fully reusable, editable, color-codeable Eurocharts Whiteboard. Whether you choose sleek glass whiteboards, a custom family calendar design, or a budget-friendly option to hand bauble your own lines, these are ideal for noting all your festive outings and visitors. For digital planners, the Excel Calendar Template is your friend, providing easy access across all devices.

Wish Lists and Savvy Shopping
Amazon can be a bit like Marmite—some swear by it, while others view it as Scrooge incarnate. But let’s embrace a rebellious spirit without a “claus” and tap into the platform’s Wish List function without parting with a single chocolate coin. Create as many wish lists as you fancy, utilizing them to compile your Christmas must-haves. Shop around for the best deals because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good bargain? This nifty feature offers a straightforward way to instantly jot down ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Consider making a wish list for your little ones and share it with the whole family to avoid gift duplication or empower your kids to craft their own—giving you the freedom to pick and choose the perfect presents.

For all those who use Amazon religiously, as an Amazon insider, I recommend adding items to your basket or even hitting the ‘save for later’ button because this internet giant will let you know when there is a price change. Yes, they might go up as well as down BUT with Black Friday coming along they will most likely be going down the chimney in the next few weeks, this will make stocking up for Christmas a skate on the lake.

RSVP Like an Elf
Whether you like chilling with your snowi-est or being a party popper organizing a gathering is snow joke! Use Eurocharts Infini-T Panels as an RSVP station. The simple IN & OUT columns become an advent-age when changed to YES & NO, allowing you to record arrival times, dietary requirements, and even the elusive name of Uncle Jeff’s new partner.

Smart Gifting Strategies
I love Christmas as much as the next reindeer but why do people ask what they should buy for my kids? Any ideas I come up with, I’m keeping for mys-elf! With younger kids it’s easier, anything colourful, plastic and noisy is a winner, but the older kids gift-giving can be tricky. Someone who can help is Henry from GoHenry, me and him have great chemis-tree! Let family and friends transfer money into your kids’ GoHenry account, giving them the joy of choosing their presents while you keep a close eye on their spends.

Deck the Halls
Right it’s time to deck the halls. You might have to act fast with this one but get your planning right and you’ll have a Wonderful Life. I’m talking centre isles, I’m talking special buys, I’m taking queuing outside, I’m talking Cuthbert and I’m talking Kevin. Aldi have quite possibly the best Christmas decorations for even better prices, from the top to mistle-toe I urge you to go go go. And for all of you grinches out there, some shops even have self service tills so you don’t even have the excuse of not wanting to queue!

Festive Feast
I know old habits Die Hard but why do we feel the need to focus only on the Christmas dinner? Isn’t the best bit the snacks, the picky bits, the chocolate, the cheeses? Don’t just give yours-elf any Christmas, give yours-elf an M & S Christmas. The range, the quality, the ease is all unbeatable, you can quite literally go the whole hog or just pick the nuts for your Nutcracker. Now lets be real, you can’t just rock up on Christmas eve and expect to pick up what’s on your list so be prepared (go and write it on your whiteboard or excel calendar), order it, book in a slot and enjoy the better side of life.

Donner and Blitzen Gift Giving!
You might say how rude-olf you but a great way to buy sustainably and on a budget is to use Vinted for second hand gifts. This could be nearly new clothes or toys for kids, they’ll be no sleighing either option as ideas will be sprouting as soon as you log in!

Spread-sheet the Joy
If you’re from a large family a great way of ensuring gifts aren’t duplicated is to share a Spreadsheet with family and friends. Google Sheets is perfect for this, you can share and send updates between everyone. This can not only work as a ‘Wish List’ where family members can mark off any presents already purchased, but it also works for family members to simply list what they have and for whom which ensures the same gift isn’t purchased twice. This would also work perfectly for a large Christmas lunch where family members can be allocated / list what foods they are preparing.

Personalized Touch
To make sure no one is left Home Alone, why not get personalised gifts for everyone? Now for this you will need to be organised and plan this in advanced, believe in your elf and get these ordered early! Use your whiteboard, excel or Infini-T organisation tools to keep track of deadlines and recipients! A great place for this is Etsy or Not on the High Street, lets support small businesses!


In Conclusion, believe in your elf and plan ahead. With these tips, your Christmas will be the most wonderful time of the year!

Merry Christmas from Eurocharts!