T-Card Kit Solution

The Smaller Establishment Production Board
Metal T-Card panels display departmental or job stages utilising colour coded job information T-Cards
Track every order stage by production stage providing a rapidly updated production overview
Personalise the system with your own headings detailed onto the wall rail support header strips
Job information is written onto the T-Card body with the 'at a glance' information onto the visible card shoulder
No more handwritten job cards! Transfer information directly from the computer - Perforated jobcard sheets
Download the catalogue Assembly Instructions
T-Card Panel, T-Card loading, application example

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Metal T-Card Planning Kit Systems

Workload Production Kit (WPDB-32)


Metal T-Card Planning Kit Systems

Week Planner Kit [Size 3] (WPK-3)


Production Planning Boards - The T-Card Solution



Production Planning Boards - The T-Card Solution

Printer T-Cards


Plastic T-Cards

Plastic T-Cards


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