Magnetic Production Scheduling Boards

Eurocharts Magnetic Production Planning Board Kits provide that elusive 'BIG PICTURE' enabling a complete production schedule to be viewed at-a-glance. These rapidly updated, overview systems may be operated as stand alone scheduling boards or alongside software systems 

Kits Not Suitable? Why not select a Bespoke Magnetic Production Planning System? Eurocharts provide a free, no obligation planning advisory service to assist you in the design of a system matching your requirements

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Orders - Orders are scheduled onto profiled magnetic job plates fixed securely to the ribbed planning board surface. The length of plate, expressed against the date strips, will show the planned start and finish activity time

Magnetic Job Plates - Reusable job plates snap to length aligning with the planning board grid. Either handwritten or labelled with electronic lettering machines

Changes to Plan - Simply slide the job plate along the planning line or relocate to an alternative machine

Extension Kits - Any number of kits and extensions may be linked together forming a production board of any length

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Production Planning Display Boards - The Magnetic Solution

Rotating One Week Production Board

Fixed Two Week Production Board Kit & Extension Board

Fixed Two Week Production Board Kit

Magnetic Display System Features

Magnetic Planning System, modular construction Planning Panel

Modular in design - Modular index and planning panels are linked side by side into set(s) of wall rails forming a planning display board of any size (dependent on the system requirement), easy to expand by the addition of further panels

Magnetic System Features: rear profiled magnetic text plates

Profiled magnetic textplates lock onto the gridded and ribbed metal planning panel surface. Changes to plan? Simply slide along the planning line or relocate to another position 

Magnetic System Features: hand write on text plates

Hand write essential information onto the magnetic text plates with the fine point water based marker pens and wipe clean for re-use at job completion

Magnetic System Features: text plate snap to length


Preciesely allocate data to the planning timescale. Magnetic text plates 'snap' to length aligning with the planning panel time scale grid

Magnetic System Features: text plate lettering machine

No more handwritten text plates! Lettering machine produces (removable) printed adhesive labels in a selection of styles and sizes

Magnetic System Features: Sliding index panel

Utilising the double tracked wall rails, the Sliding Index panel (Ref: MPI) moves across the system face for accurate index to activity text plate designation

Magnetic Planning Board Mobile Display Stand (MST)

Convert your wall mounted magnetic planning system to a free standing unit.
The robust, steel construction mobile display stand (with lockable castors) holds 60, 120, and 180 planning line depth panels and all magnetic planning kit systems. Wall rails not included