Marker Pens & Accessories


Magnetic Pen & Eraser holder, perfect for any Drywipe Whiteboard surface

Magnetic Pen Holder: Has the capacity to store 6 whiteboard marker pens and a single whiteboard eraser

Dry-Wipe Marker Pens: Supplied Pack 10 of a single colour (Black, Red, Blue, Green)

Ref Description Offer Price (£)
17000259 Pen & Eraser Holder (Pack 1) 4.50
EWMP-10BK Marker Pen, Black (Pack 10) 14.25
EWMP-10R Marker Pen, Red (Pack 10) 14.25
EWMP-10BL Marker Pen, Blue (Pack 10) 14.25
EWMP-10GR Marker Pen, Green (Pack 10) 14.25

Marker pens & Erasers supplied separately

Lead time: 3-7 Days

SKU: 17000259, EWMP-10BK, EWMP-10BR, EWMP-10BL, EWMP-10GR