Magnetic Timetabling Boards –
Bespoke Systems

Unable to utilise a kit system? – Utilise a custom built alternative that may be used to plan and display the same essential overview but in a format more suited to individual requirements or the larger establishment

Magnetic Timetable Board – Room Schedule

Setting Up: A suggested method

The timetable is divided horizontally into three sections (Class, Staff and Rooms). Each class occupies 20 mm width and each teacher and room 10 mm width of griddle panel

Listed vertically onto a fixed or sliding index panel are the weekdays subdivided by daily teaching periods. Colour coded subject, staff, room text plates are pre-titled in quantities and availability determined by the curriculum

They are placed vertically under their individual section headings opposite their teaching period availability

TDK-120 Magnetic Timetable Board Kit

Timetable Operation

The allocation of a room/teacher to a subject is achieved by transferring their selected titled text plates period by period from the staff & room sections to the subject section

For any unsuitable selections simply return & select alternatives from the same period line. Use ‘Check’ text plates onto the vacant room & staff spaces detailing room occupancy & staff duties for teaching periods. The completed system will clearly display individual class, staff and room timetables eliminating over allocations and double bookings

The timetable may be reused year on year and extended at any time by the addition of further modular panels and accessories