Yearly Staff Scheduling Peg Boards

Time Out Staff Scheduling Display Boards

The Time Out system offers the clearest overview (on a daily basis) of staff projects, staff workloads, general scheduling, holidays, sickness and movements of up to 50 staff members over a period of one year

A choice of two kits available: a 5 day week or 7 day week

Staff Scheduling Peg Board, board surface

Visible at a glance...

Staff members and respective department
Staff Project Overview
Staff workload progress
Staff members on leave and duration of leave
Overlapping leave and deputising
Sunday and public holiday duty
Business trips, meetings & conferences

System Overview

50 Staff Capacity
5 or 7 day week yearly plans
Punched holes for plug-in signals
2 x planning rows per person for multi-tasking
Generous colour coded plug signal kit
Robust framed board with accessory shelf & fixings

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Yearly Staff Scheduling Peg Boards

5 Day/Week Staff Scheduling Board


Yearly Staff Scheduling Peg Boards

7 Day/Week Staff Scheduling Board