Magnetic Timetabling Boards

A System Overview

A fully visual, rapidly updated and complete Timetabling overview display board system that may be used year on year

TDK-120 Magnetic Timetable Board Kit

The Timetable Problem

Timetables take many forms; from software programmes to photo-copy sheets, or even ‘back of a cigarette packet’ option

Whichever method is preferred, timetable systems must juggle the same complex information & resource variables; Teaching staff, Class rooms and the ever changing curriculum

These have to be allocated to the daily teaching periods taking care no double bookings or over allocations

Magnetic Timetable Board – Staff Schedule


The key to a successful Timetable is visualisation. Software systems take care of the simple ‘routine’ planning found at the start of Timetables but the final and more complex resource allocations are more difficult

A complete, clear and totally visual system overview is required to spot timetabling opportunities and eliminate errors in your planning

Ribbed Planning Panel surface with rear profiled Text Plates

The Magnetic Timetable Board!

Eurocharts magnetic Timetabling Boards are constructed from modular metal panels with profiled, coloured, magnetic information text plates. Text plates lock securely onto the steel ribbed surface of the timetable board panel. The system display may be updated as required and changed year to year.

See below for Magnetic Timetabling Board Features

Changes to plan?
Simply slide the information text plate along the planning line or relocate to another resource. Timetable boards may be expanded at any time and are suitable for educational establishments of all sizes

Magnetic Display System Features

Rear profiled Magnetic Text Plates (OPM-4 Shown)

Magnetic Information Text Plates

Profiled magnetic text plates lock onto the gridded and ribbed metal planning panel surface. Changes to plan? Simply slide along the planning line or relocate to another position

Magnetic Text Plates hand write on surface

Write On/Wipe Clean

Hand write essential information onto the magnetic text plates with the fine point water based marker pens and wipe clean for re-use at job completion

Magnetic Text Plates -snap to length

Snap To Length

Precisely allocate data to the planning timescale. Magnetic text plates ‘snap’ to length aligning with the planning panel time scale grid

Magnetic Txt Plates with adhesive labels (OPM-ELM)

Electronic Lettering Machine

No more handwritten text plates! Computer linked lettering machine produces (removable) printed adhesive labels in a selection of styles and sizes