Rotating Document Rack Kits

Rail Mounted, Rotatable, Modular Document & Clipboard Rack Kit

Eurocharts rotating A4 Job Card Rack Kit ensure all documents, job orders or work forms are secure, organised and easily accessible.

The elegant wheel and rail mounting mechanism allow the storage racks to be simply rearranged maintaining a perpetual plan and workflow

Modular 10 pocket depth Document & Clipboard Storage Racks
Modular racks are easily attached and detached from the aluminium wall rail
Wheel mounting allows the racks to be simply repositioned maintaining a perpetual overview
The bottom spacer wheel keeps the storage racks upright and secure
Available in 5 or 7 rack kits complete with wall rail set
Single racks can be moved to and stored at individual workstations with additional single wall rails
Additional modular racks available - enabling racks positioned at workstations to be substituted with the racks on the main system

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Document Rack Systems

5 Column Document Rack Kit


Document Rack Systems

7 Column Document Rack Kit


Rotating Document Rack Kits

Additional Single Document Rack


Rotating Document Rack Kits

Single Rack Mounting Rail


Document & Clipboard Racks

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Document & Clipboard Racks

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Document & Clipboard Racks

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