Vehicle Sales Control T-Card Kit

A popular sales and stock rotation overview system. Using the larger 54 slot T-Card Panel with a size 3 T-Card, the system allows a substantial amount of key sales &and stock information to be rapidly identified, updated & scheduled
Complete visual overview of sales
Rapidly Identify & update key vehicle information
Manage stock rotation
Schedule orders & deliveries
Colour code to requirement
Larger 54 slot depth with Size 3 T-Cards
Vehicle Sales Control T-Card Board, example application
A Popular Application (Click to expand)
The Vehicle Sales Control T-Card Board is supplied with blank title strips allowing the board to be titled and subdivided to requirement

A popular application is titled - January to December month sections for 'Cars On Order', sections for 'New Cars in Stock', 'Demos' and 'Delivered Cars' (subdivided by sale operatives).

The final sections of the board manage stock rotation with 3 monthly sections indicating stock age with a final column for recently sold vehicles

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Vehicle Sales Control Kit [Size 3] (VSC-3)


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