Plastic T-Cards


Eurocharts Plastic T-Cards

Plastic T-Cards are available in Size 2 & Size 3.  Seven colour choices for enhanced colour coded organisation

Fully compatible with NOBO metal T-Card Panels & Kits, Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Panels & Kits and the New Infini-T T-Card Panels & Kits

Plastic Or Paper T-Cards?

Plastic T-Cards are perfect for operations requiring constant and repeated updating. Re-use the T-Card once the job is complete

Standard NOBO T-Cards are more economic and ideal when there is less demand for updating the information stored on the T-Card body

Ref T-Card Pack Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
P-20020 Size 2 50 60 x 85 5.95
P-20030 Size 3 50 92 x 125 9.95

T-Card thickness: 300 microns

Colours Available:

Lead Time: 3-7 days

SKU’s:  P-20020,  P-20030