Office Planner T-Card Kit (29110)


Panel Depth: 24 slots | T-Card Size: Size 2

The Office Planner NOBO T-Card Kit

Metal T-Card panels and coloured T-Cards, scheduled as a daily or weekly office planners, message centres or any application requiring information ‘at-a-glance’

Utilising the popular Size 2 T-Card and 24 Slot Depth Metal NOBO T-Card Panels

Ref Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
29110 480 x 480 93.00

7 x 24 slot panels (size 2)

1 x 24 slot index panel (size 1)

1 x wall support (set) complete with blank header strips

1 x box* (size 1) index T-Cards (white)

7 x boxes* (size 2) T-Cards (assorted colours)

*100 (170gsm) T-cards per box

Please note: Header strips are supplied blank (Image(s) are suggested applications only)

Lead time: 3-7 days