Warehouse Clipboard Racks

Robust, Large Capacity Warehouse Clipboard And Document Racks

Robust units designed to hold Clipboards and documentation for rapid loading, storage and assignment. Store multi or single sheet documentation 

Warehouse Clipboard Racks are available in robust polypropylene for general usage or heavy-duty powder coated steel variants for industrial applications 

Available in multiple pocket depths and single or double column widths (no central column divider) 

Document Format A4 as standard. A5 by request

Document and Clipboard Racks, product range example

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Document & Clipboard Racks

Standard Clipboard Racks (A4)


Document & Clipboard Racks

Steel Clipboard Racks (A4)


Document & Clipboard Racks

A4 Flexi-Clipboards (Flexible)


Document & Clipboard Racks

A4 Privacy Clipboards


Document & Clipboard Racks

A4 Multipurpose Clipboard (Strong)