Academic Timetabling Display Board Kit

    Displays a Monday-Friday academic timetable, divided on a 10 period (20 mm) day basis (extendable)

    Schedule the class, teacher, room and subject information for each teaching period. Rapid updating with no double bookings. Use year after year.

    Index panel lists maximum 60 staff, room or class headings – you choose!

    Ref Capacity W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
    TDK-120 120 Planning Lines 1100 x 850 725.00

    Kit fully compatible with the (optional) Mobile Display Stand

    Please note: Monday-Friday Header strips are supplied untitled with printed 20 mm divisions (Image(s) are suggested applications only)

    5 x MP-120 Interlinking Modular Planning Panel

    1 x MPS-120 Static Index Panel (Narrow)

    1 x MR-115 Wall Rail (Set)

    1 x OPF Marker Pen Set

    1 x Header Strip Pack (Mon-Fri + Weekend)

    10 x Packs OPM-1 (Yellow)

    10 x Packs OPM-1 (Orange)

    4 x Packs OPM-1 (Red)

    4 x Packs OPM-1 (Light Blue)

    4 x Packs OPM-1 (Light Green)

    4 x Packs OPM-1 (Pink)

    4 x Packs OPM-1 (White)

    6 x Packs OPM-2 (White)

    Lead time: 14 days

    Stock is currently limited, contact the Sales Desk for availability

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