Budget Felt Noticeboards


Budget Felt Noticeboards

  • Budget friendly, economic boards
  • Aluminium frame with corner fittings
  • No Certified Flame Retardant Rating
  • 2 Felt colour options

The Budget Felt Noticeboard range has no certified Fire Rating and are only suitable for private usage

Fire Rated Board Ranges are available here:

Class 1 Boards – This rating is required in all offices and rooms in public buildings

Class B Boards – This rating is required in corridors and stairwells in public buildings


Ref Size Frame Offer Price (£)
NB0645F0 600 x 450 Aluminium 19.00
NB0906F0 900 x 600 Aluminium 26.00
NB1209F0 1200 x 900 Aluminium 34.00
NB1212F0 1200 x 1200 Aluminium 45.00
NB1512F0 1500 x 1200 Aluminium 52.00
NB1812F0 1800 x 1200 Aluminium 54.00
NB2412F0 2400 x 1200 Aluminium 75.00

*All colours shown are web representations, actual colours may vary
Premier Felt Noticeboards are manufactured to order in the UK and as such cannot be returned

SKU: NB0645F0, NB0906F0, NB1209F0, NB1212F0, NB1512F0, NB1812F0, NB2412F0

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