Lean Whiteboard Gridding Tape


Perfect for all Whiteboard surfaces

No more constantly redrawing tables and lines, simply apply the self-adhesive gridding tape directly to the whiteboard surface to divide the board into any required layout

Supplied with dispenser

Ref Depth (mm) Length (mm) Colour Price (£)
GT-DB-16L 1.6 16,500 Black Gloss 3.95
GT-DB-32L 3.2 16,500 Black Gloss 4.75
GT-DR-15L 1.5 10,000 Red Gloss 3.95
GT-DR-30L 3.0 10,000 Red Gloss 4.75

Colours Available: Black, Red

Lead time: 3-7 days

SKU’s : GT-DB-16L, GT-DB-32L, GT-DR-15L, GT-DR-30L

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