Magnetic A3 Document Swivel Pocket Frames


Magnetic A3 Document Swivel Pocket Frame units

Designed to securely store and display A3 portrait documents

Comprised of 10 double sided, top-loading Document Pockets (20 visible surfaces)

A3 Swivel Pocket Frames offer high levels of document protections whilst ensuring all key information is instantly accessible though the transparent pocket surface

The robust, wire edged document swivel frame is supplied with assorted document frames (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Black)

Units supplied with a magnetic backed base element, for use on Magnetic Whiteboards, storage units, and display board systems


Ref Backing No. Pockets Offer Price (£)
SFK-A3-10-M Magnetic 10 100.00

Frame Colours:  Assorted

1 x Magnetic backed base element

1 x Index Tabs (Set)

10 x Double sided plastic encased wire framed swivel pockets

Lead Time: 7-14 days

SKU’s : SFK-A3-10-M, SFK-A4-10-M