Mixed Colour Cascading Document Racks (A6)


Heavy-duty A6 Cascading Document Racks

Powder coated Steel Cascading Racks for A6 Documents. Available in 5 standard rack depths in portrait format only

The Mixed Colour Rack option allows the colour of each pocket within a rack to be specified as required

Utilise as standalone document racks or combine for complete column based systems

Modular Format –  Document Racks of any depth may be formed and extended at any time.

6 Bold Colours – Form colour coded and highly visible document storage, organisation and retrieval systems

Ref Rack Depth Format Offer
Price (£)
CDUA6P4MX 4 Portrait 41.00
CDUA6P8MX 8 Portrait 73.00
CDUA6P10MX 10 Portrait 88.00
CDUA6P16MX 16 Portrait 134.00

Modular design allows racks of any pocket depth to be formed. Contact the Sales Desk

Every cascading rack is supplied as 1 Basic Unit, plus the required amount of expansion pockets to form the requested rack depth.

A Basic Unit consists of the following items (all the same colour):

2 x Pockets
1 x Wall Bracket Set (attach to the top pocket)
1 x Cover Plate (attaches to the bottom pocket)

Therefore, for the Wall Brackets and Cover Plate to colour match the pocket they attach to, the bottom and top pocket of a mixed colour cascading rack must be the same colour. (Figure 1)

However, if you do not require the Wall Brackets to match the pocket they affix to, the second pocket of the basic unit can be placed at any position in the rack. (Figure 2)

The nature of the Basic Unit is why we state that at least one pocket in the rack must be the same colour as the bottom pocket.

Colours Available:

Rack Specifications

Ref Depth Format Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
CDUA6P4 4 Pocket Portrait 261 110 90
CDUA6P8 8 Pocket Portrait 425 110 90
CDUA6P10 10 Pocket Portrait 507 110 90
CDUA6P16 16 Pocket Portrait 753 110 90

Visible Edge (Height of document on view) – Portrait format: 38mm

Capacity (Documents per pocket) – 15mm per pocket

All Cascading Racks are supplied complete with wall fittings (screw fix) and additional support brackets for racks over 6 pockets in depth

All Racks are dispatched in component form and require simple assembly upon receipt (slot and slide)

Lead Time: 5-14 days