Super Omniplanner Kit

    Schedules any yearly planning application. Displays daily schedules of 1-12 month duration updated by re positioning the magnetic (1-31) date strips

    Space the magnetic month index plates and numerical date strips to suit the required planning capacity. Displays 1-12 months dependent on monthly spacing. Use year after year

    Plan using index section or calendar format

    Ref Capacity W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
    SPR-OMNI 120 Planning Lines 800 x 850 545.00

    4 x MP-120 Modular interlinking Planning Panel

    1 x MR-85 Wall Rail (Set)

    1 x OPF Marker Pen Set

    1 x OPM-2 Jan-Dec Printed Date Set

    1 x OPM-2 1-31 Printed Date Set

    1 x VK-120 Date Line Cursor

    2 x Packs OPM-1 (Red)

    2 x Packs OPM-1 (Light Blue)

    2 x Packs OPM-1 (Light Green)

    2 x Packs OPM-1 (Purple)

    2 x Packs OPM-2 (Pink)

    2 x Packs OPM-2 (Orange)

    2 x Packs OPM-2 (Yellow)

    1 x Packs OPM-3 (Dark Blue)

    1 x Packs OPM-3 (Grey)

    1 x Packs OPM-4 (Dark Green)

    1 x Packs OPM-4 (Bronze)

    1 x Packs R-10 (White)

    1 x Packs R-20 (White)

    Lead time: 14 days

    Stock is currently limited, contact the Sales Desk for availability

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