Value Planner Project Board Kits


Value Planner Project Board Kits – Simplified and Cost-effective Channel Planner Kits

The Value Planner Project Board Kits are designed to provide a simple and economical project overview, perfect for departmental projects or at-a-glance project summaries

Key Features:

Yearly Display on a Weekly Basis: Value Planner Kits enable a weekly view of projects over the span of one year, facilitating efficient tracking and planning. A comments section provides space for context notes and updates.

Rapid Updating: Keep your project plan up-to-date effortlessly. Securely position coloured Project Stage Cards in the self-gripping board channels, allowing for rapid adjustments and resource allocation

Enhanced Productivity: Gain valuable insights into projects by identifying unutilized assets, time wastage, and potential bottlenecks. Perfect or team meetings and discussions.

Two Kit Capacities:

30 Index Capacity kit with 31 Channels / Rows

51 Index Capacity kit with 52 Channels / Rows

Ref Channel Capacity Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
PPK-52-31-ECH 31 1600 x 580 575.00
PPK-52-52-ECH 52 1600 x 940 795.00

Value Planner Kits feature a horizontal yearly project display, providing a week-by-week perspective (20 mm per week). Kits include an integral Index (75 mm) and Comments (485 mm) section

The vertical Index lists 30 or 51 project names, depending on the chosen kit capacity. Project stages are scheduled horizontally along the board, opposite each index item. The Project Stage Cards, when expressed against the date scale, indicate the planned stage duration. Easily update the project plan by sliding the card along the channel or relocating it to another resource

Highlight key stages, times, or processes by placing the Status Highlighter Strips over the relevant Project Stage Cards

PPK-52-31ECH – 31 Channel Capacity

1 x Framed Project Planner Board (31 Channels / Rows)

1 x Pack Index Cards, White (Pack 50)

1 x Date Strip Pack Note: Use of date strips reduces channel capacity by 1 row

1 x Project Stage Cards (Pack 50), 27 (H) mm x 380 (W) mm (Cut-to-Length) , Orange

1 x Project Stage Cards (Pack 50), 27 (H) mm x 380 (W) mm (Cut-to-Length) , Pink

1 x Transparent Status Highlighter Strips (Pack 50), Green

1 x Transparent Status Highlighter Strips (Pack 50), Red

1 x Wall Fixings Set


PPK-52-52ECH – 52 Channel Capacity

Same Contents as PPK-52-31ECH with the following amendments / additions:

1 x Framed Project Planner Board (52 Channels / Rows)

1 x Additional Pack of Project Stage Cards, Blue

* Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the suggested project layout

SKU: PPK-52-31-ECH, PPK-52-52-ECH