Circular Whiteboard Memo Magnets


Ideal to use as markers in whiteboard planning systems or to attach paper notes to any magnetic display surface

Available in a choice of 5 diameters.

Supplied in Pack 5 of a single colour and diameter

Ref Diameter Pack Offer Price (£)
EMM-10WB 10 mm 5 1.05
EMM-15WB 15 mm 5 1.15
EMM-20WB 20 mm 5 1.25
EMM-25WB 25 mm 5 1.50
EMM-30WB 30 mm 5 2.05

Colours Available: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Custom Printed Memo Magnets available by quotation. Contact the Sales Desk

Lead Time: 3-7 days

SKU’s : EMM-10WB, EMM-15WB, EMM-20WB, EMM-25WB, EMM-30WB

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