Adhesive Infini-T Panels – T-Card Panels


Eurocharts Adhesive Infini-T Panels – T-Card panels have evolved!

Adhesive backed, coloured, flexible  500-micron plastic T-Card Panels (Polypropylene) that perfectly align for the formation of a T-Card Panel of your desired height

Colour code, plan, schedule, organise and store information in a rapidly updatable and visual T-Card based system

The self-adhesive backed flexible plastic T-Card panel does not require Wall Rails! Adhesive Infini-T panels can be directly applied to almost any flat non porous surface

Fully compatible with standard NOBO T-Cards, Printer T-Cards and Eurocharts Plastic T-Cards

Two identically sized panel options:

Base Panel: 16 slot panel which is the building block of each column

Expansion Panel: 20 slot panel, which aligns perfectly with a Base Panel (or Expansion Panel), extending the column upwards to your desired system slot height

Title or sub divide panels using Panel Header Inserts

Magnetic Backed Infini-T Panels available Here

Single Panel Packs

Ref Panel T-Card Slots Pack W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
ITP2-AB Base Size 2 16 1 80 x 340 6.45
ITP2-AE Expansion Size 2 20 1 80 x 340 6.45

Discounted Bulk Pack – 5 Pieces

Ref Panel T-Card Slots Pack W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
ITP2-AB5 Base Size 2 16 5 80 x 340 27.95
ITP2-AE5 Expansion Size 2 20 5 80 x 340 27.95

Colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green

Lead Time: 3-5 days


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