Fixed Two Week Production Board Kit

Modular, 18 machine capacity two week planning production unit (mounted one week above another). Each week displays a 12 or 24 hour weekday and 10 or 20 hour weekend production scheduling overview dependent on scale

Comprising of 7 modular interlinking planning panels, index panel, system wall rails, magnetic job text plates and accessory kit

Optional Extension Kit(s) my be utilised to increase the production overview by a further 2 week capacity

Ref Description W x H (mm)
MWP-2 Two Week Production Board 1500 x 850
MWXP-2 Extention Kit 1400 x 850

Kit fully compatible with the (optional) Mobile Display Stand (One kit per stand)

Lead Time: 14 Days

Stock is currently limited, contact the Sales Desk for availability

Eurocharts Two Week Channel Planner Planning Board is a popular and economic alternative

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nmkKU’s: SKU’s: MWP-2-2, MWXP-2-2