Magnetic Text Plates (OPM)


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Magnetic, coloured, write on / wipe clean, snap-to-length, re-usable text plates for use with all magnetic planning systems

Ref Plate Depth Pack Offer Price (£)
OPM-1 6 mm (One planning line depth) 5* 6.95
OPM-2 12 mm (Two planning line depth) 5* 9.35
OPM-3 18 mm (Three planning line dept) 5* 11.75
OPM-4 24 mm (Four planning line depth) 5* 13.95

*Packs contain 5 x 150 mm bars. Each bar consists of 15 x 10 mm “snap to length” increments

Colours: White, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Orange, Bronze, Grey & Purple (one colour & size per pack)

Lead Time: 5-7 days
SKU’s: OPM-1, OPM-2, OPM-3, OPM-4