Kiss Cut Indicator Sheets


Effortlessly track progress and provide visual feedback with our square cut 36mm printed magnetic indicators

Designed for use with magnetic-based planning or information display systems, these magnetic progress indicators can be easily removed and assigned to indicate project status in an instant

Key Features

Square Cut: The square cut design ensures clean and precise edge alignment, allowing for seamless display integration

Versatile Application: These printed magnetic indicators are perfect for various applications, including tracking progress, providing feedback, and highlighting important information on magnetic-based planning or information display systems

Easy Removal and Reassignment: Simply remove the indicators by hand whenever necessary and effortlessly assign them to different areas or tasks, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in your display system

Ref Indicator Size Pack Price (£)
KCI-36 36mm Square 3 x Sheets (16 indicators/sheet) 8.95

Pack Size: 48 Indicators (3 x Sheets – 16 x indicators per sheet). One design per pack unless otherwise stated

Available Designs: Happy Face (Green), Neutral Face (Yellow), Sad Face (Red), Mixed Face Pack, Cross (Red), Exclamation Mark (Red warning triangle)

Lead Time: 3-7 days

SKU : KCI-36