Lean Standard Clipboard Racks (A4)


Eurocharts Standard A4 Lean Management Clipboard Racks are available in multiple pocket depths and single or double column widths (no central column divider)

Fully compatible with clipboards, job order pockets or single documents

Constructed with a highly durable polypropylene outer frame and spring-back polypropylene storage pockets / rows

Ref Rows Columns W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
DCRSL-1-10 10 1 315 x 1282 175.00
DCRSL-2-06 6 2 554 x 900 210.00
DCRSL-2-10 10 2 554 x 1282 255.00

Supplied complete with wall fittings

Lead Time: 3-10 days

SKU’s : DCRS-1-10L, DCRS-2-06L, DCRS-2-10L, DCRS-2-15L

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