Lean Steel Clipboard Racks (A4)


Eurocharts Steel A4 Lean Management Clipboard Racks are 10 pockets / rows deep and available in single or double column widths (no central column divider)

Fully compatible with clipboards, job order pockets or single documents

Constructed from a highly durable metal outer frame and spring-back powder coated steel plate storage pockets / rows. Designed for harsh or industrial environments

Ref Rows Columns W x H Offer Price (£)
DCRML-1-10 10 1 315 x 1278 205.00
DCRML-2-10 10 2 554 x 1278 305.00

Colours Available: Red, Blue

Supplied complete with wall fittings

Lead Time: 10 -15 days

SKU’s : DCRM-1-10L, DCRM-2-10L

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