Magnetic Infini-T Kanban Panels


Eurocharts Magnetic Infini-T Kanban Panels – T-Card Kanban systems have evolved!

Coloured, 500-micron Polypropylene Kanban panels that perfectly align with one another, allowing the formation and infinite extension of an Infini-T Kanban system – No wall rails required!

Four panel colour options enable the formation of multicoloured columns to designate “Start” and “Urgent” production or buffer zones

Modular construction allows columns of any length to be formed within a single system

Magnetic Infini-T Kanban panels can be directly applied to any magnetic surface, such as Whiteboards, Shelving and Magnetic Wallpaper

Two identically sized panel options:

Base Panel: 16 slot panel which is the building block of each column

Expansion Panel: 20 slot panel, which aligns perfectly with a Base Panel (or Expansion Panel), extending the column upwards to your desired system slot height

Title and sub divide panels or block slots using Panel Header Inserts

Need a Magnetic Whiteboard backing board? Click Here

Adhesive Backed Infini-T Panels available Here

Compatible with Eurocharts Paper and Plastic T-Cards

Sininfini-t gle Panel Packs

Ref Panel T-Card Slots Pack W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
KITP2-MB Base Size 2 16 1 80 x 340 6.95
KITP2-ME Expansion Size 2 20 1 80 x 340 6.95

Discounted Bulk Pack – 5 Pieces

Ref Panel T-Card Slots Pack W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
KITP2-MB5 Base Size 2 16 5 80 x 340 29.95
KITP2-ME5 Expansion Size 2 20 5 80 x 340 29.95

Colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green

Lead Time: 3-5 days


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