MK2 Workshop Scheduling Boards

The simplified board for less complex planning requirements compared to MK 1 Workshop Boards

A popular and powerful auto maintenance scheduling tool, available in multiple workstation capacities

The powder coated metal framed MK2 workshop board has been simplified by removing the additional planning features of the MK1 Workshop Board but retains the highly visual and precise planning ability that is the trademark of all Workshop Scheduling Boards

Similar in construction to the MK1 but without the advanced planning capacity, utensil tray, icon/time strip capacity or printed board title strip

The Workshop Planning Boards operate on a simple, highly visual, rapidly updated and intuitive planning principal

Jobs are allocated to workshop technicians or workstations through placement of the job order paperwork to the respective workstation row. The right hand edge of the job order aligns with the integrated date/time scale strips identifying the planned completion time

On job commencement the designated technician removes the job order, leaving the scheduling copy on the board to signify job commencement and planned completion time

Following completion, the scheduling order and job order are placed in the “Final Inspection” column for quality control purposes

Once the job order has passed the final inspection an invoice can then be generated

MK-2 Workshop Board, 12 station capacity, garage application

MK2 Workshop Scheduling Boards


The metal framed MK2 Workshop Scheduling Boards are simplified for less complex planning requirements in comparison to MK1 Workshop Boards

The robust construction of the MK2 workshop board is ideal for any industrial environment

Format:  A4 Job Order documentation

Capacity: 6, 12 or 15 workstation boards (number of rows)

Ref Station Capacity W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
8340059 6 1490 x 790 640.00
8340060 12 1490 x 1270 785.00
8340067 15 1490 x 1510 975.00

Am optional Mobile Display Stand for the MK2 Workshop Scheduling Board can be found Here

Workshop Scheduling Board

Integrated scale (15 minute increments & printed hour markers)

Printed Title’ ‘Name’, ‘Final Check’ & ‘Workshop Scheduling Board’

Mounting kit

Row Spacing: 90 mm

Row Depth: 247 mm

Job Order Visible Edge: 55 mm

Loading Capacity: 16 mm

Board Depth: 105 mm

Lead time: 14-21 Days

SKU’s : 8340059, 8340060, 8340067