Standard Planning Panels

    Stand alone wall mounted mini systems, compete with wall fixing bracket

    Multiple applications – 5 day week scheduling. Select board format suited to requirement. Planners link together for the larger applications

    Optional desk stand (EDS) for H-30 & H-50 panels

    Ref Capacity W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
    H-30 30 Planning Lines 400 x 250 83.95
    H-50 50 Planning Lines 600 x 370 161.95
    H-110 110 Planning Lines 400 x 730 171.95
    EDS Desk Stand 400 (L) 39.95

    Purchase Magnetic Text Plates to complete your Standard Planning Panel System

    Lead time: 10-14 Days

    Stock is currently limited, contact the Sales Desk for availability

    View Eurocharts complete range of Planning Board Kits Here

    SKU’s: EDS, H-110, H-50, H-30