Wire Hanging Document Pockets


Wire Hanging Document Pockets

Document storage pockets with an ingenious wire “arm” method of attachment

Simply attach the wire hanging document pockets to product containers, shelving or wire cage racks, using the integral two contact-point wire hanger

The transparent pocket protects the stored document from dirt and moisture whilst ensuring it remains legible from a distance.

Barcodes are still able to be scanned without removing the document from the protection of the pocket

The Wire Hanging Document Pockets are available in portrait or landscape in A4, A5 and A6 formats

Ref Document Size W x H (mm) Pack Price (£)
WFK-A4P A4 Portrait 280 x 325 5 20.00
WFK-A4L A4 Landscape 330 x 245 5 20.00
WFK-A5P A5 Portrait 220 x 230 5 16.25
WFK-A6L A6 Landscape 195 x 135 5 16.25


Lead Time: 5-10 days