Weather Resistant Document Pockets


A4 Weather Resistant Document Pockets

Industrial quality transparent storage pockets, with a secure press seal fastening

Designed to store A4 documents and protect from outdoor weather or harsh environments

Pockets have space for multiple sheets of A4 Paper, pens or miscellaneous small items that may be required on site

These weather resistant  document storage pockets are available in portrait or landscape, with three fixing options:

Adhesive: For permanent fixing

Magnetic: Fixing to ferrous steel surfaces

Tie-On: For Picking Trolleys and Mesh Cages (max. Diameter of 60 mm)

Ref Format Backing Pack Price (£)
WRA-A4L-10  A4 Landscape Adhesive 10 39.00
WRA-A4L-50  A4 Landscape Adhesive 50 185.00
WRA-A4P-10  A4 Portrait Adhesive 10 39.00
WRA-A4P-50 A4 Portrait Adhesive 50 185.00
WRM-A4L-10  A4 Landscape Magnetic 10 44.00
WRM-A4L-50  A4 Landscape  Magnetic 50 200.00
WRM-A4P-10  A4 Portrait  Magnetic 10 44.00
WRM-A4P-50 A4 Portrait  Magnetic 50 200.00
WRT-A4L-10  A4 Landscape Tie-On 10 42.00
WRT-A4L-50  A4 Landscape Tie-On 50 195.00
WRT-A4P-10  A4 Portrait Tie-On 10 42.00
WRT-A4P-50 A4 Portrait Tie-On 50 195.00

Lead Time: 3-7 days

SKU’s: WRA-A4L-10, WRA-A4L-50, WRA-A4P-10, WRA-A4P-50, WRM-A4L-10, WRM-A4L-50, WRM-A4P-10, WRM-A4P-50, WRT-A4L-10, WRT-A4L-50, WRT-A4P-10, WRT-A4P-50