Magnetic Backed Document Pockets


Magnetic document display pockets for use on magnetic whiteboards or any magnetically receptive surface

Magnetic document holders designed to protect, display, colour code and organise paperwork & documentation

Ideal for use as document storage pockets on whiteboard systems

Edged on three sides with rapid document loading through the open forth side

The open front document pocket design allows direct document interaction

Need additional document protection? Options transparent cover inserts available here

Document pockets available for A3, A4, A5 and A6 documents in portrait or landscape format

Supplied in Packs of 3 pockets of a single size, colour and format

Ref Size Format Pack Offer Price (£)
MG3-A3P A3 Portrait 3 23.50
MG3-A3L A3 Landscape 3 23.50
MG3-A4P A4 Portrait 3 15.50
MG3-A4L A4 Landscape 3 15.50
MG3-A5P A5 Portrait 3 11.75
MG3-A5L A5 Landscape 3 11.75
MG3-A6P A6 Portrait 3 11.45
MG3-A6L A6 Landscape 3 11.45

 Colours Available: 

Lead Time: 3-10 days

SKU’s : MG3-A3-P, MG3-A3-L, MG3-A4-P, MG3-A4-L, MG3-A5-P, MG3-A5-L, MG3-A6-P, MG3-A6-L