PVC Hanging Document Wallets (Tab/Loop)


PVC Hanging Document Storage Wallets – A popular warehouse document storage and display solution

Flexible blue PVC document wallets with a clear plastic front and magnetic tab/loop attachment

Magnetically fastened PVC loops allow the document wallets to be suspended from trolleys, industrial roll cages, picking trollies, meshes and product containers

The document remains protected and visible behind the transparent front. The paper loading edge is further protected by a PVC flap

Available in Standard or Bulk Packs in A4, A5 and A6

Standard Pack –  10 Pockets

Ref Document Size Pack Offer Price (£)
HW-T-A4 A4 Portrait 10 55.00
HW-T-A5 A5 Landscape 10 45.00
HW-T-A6 A6 Landscape 10 40.00

Bulk Pack –  50 Pockets

Ref Document Size Pack Offer Price (£)
HW-T-A4-50 A4 Portrait 50 242.00
HW-T-A5-50 A5 Landscape 50 195.00
HW-T-A6-50 A6 Landscape 50 175.00


Lead time: 3-7 days

SKU’s : HW-T-A4, HW-T-A5, HW-T-A6, HW-T-A4-50, HW-T-A5-50, HW-T-A6-50