Infini-T Magnetic Daily T-Card Kit


System Depth: 36 slots | T-Card Size: Size 2

A Magnetic Daily T-Card Kit – A simple and economical multi-application magnetic T-Card kit, complete with blank Headers & T-Cards

Designed to schedule information on a 7 day week basis – 7 x T-Card columns to schedule daily tasks, displayed against a vertical index column

A magnetic T-Card kit utilising the innovative magnetic backed Infini-T Panels – No wall rails required!

Change of plan or application? Rapidly rearrange the magnetic T-Card panels into a new T-Card system or application

Available in Standard or Bespoke system colours

Ref System Colour Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
ITK2-MD Standard 640 x 680 105.00
ITK2-MD-B Bespoke 640 x 680 115.00

Standard: 1 x White Index column, 5 x Yellow Weekday columns, 2 x Red Weekend columns

Bespoke: Any desired combination of White, Red, Yellow or Green Panels (Eurocharts will contact you for colour combination)

Note: Each column is comprised of 1 x 16 slot Base Panel, 1 x 20 slot Expansion Panel & 1 x Header Insert

5 x 36 slot Panels, size 2, yellow (5 x Base, 5 x Expansion Panel)

2 x 36 slot Panels, size 2, red (2 x Base, 2 x Expansion Panel)

1 x 36 slot Panel, size 2, white (1 x Base, 1 x Expansion Panel)

8 x White Header Inserts (Wet Wipe)

1 x Pack (50 pieces)  Plastic T-Cards – Index

4 x Pack (100 pieces) Paper T-Cards

Magnetic or Adhesive backed plastic T-Card Panels

Coloured, flexible 500-micron plastic T-Card panels (Polypropylene) that perfectly align with one another, allowing the formation and infinite extension of an Infini-T T-Card Panel

The magnetic or adhesive backing means there is no need for Wall Rails, as the flexible plastic Infini-T panels can be directly applied to flat magnetic surfaces or walls

Two identically sized panel options

Base Panel: 16 slot panel which is the building block of each column

Expansion Panel: 20 slot panel, which aligns perfectly with a Base Panel (or Expansion Panel), extending the column upwards to your desired system slot height

Please note: The use of Header Inserts reduce the panel capacity by 3 slots
Please note: Header strips are supplied blank (Image(s) are suggested applications only)