Magnetic Letters & Numbers


Magnetic Letters and Magnetic Number Sheets

Enhance your signage and information display with our A4 sheets of pre-punched magnetic letters or numbers

Available in two character heights (23mm or 43mm), the magnetic characters are ideal for various applications such as simple signage, whiteboard headers, and the creation of bespoke display and planning systems

Key Features

Easy Alignment: The square-cut characters ensure hassle-free alignment, providing a professional look to your displays

Common Characters: The magnetic sheets contain more of the most frequently used characters

Colour: Black text on a white background

Character Height: 23 or 43 mm

Ref Character Type Character Height Offer Price (£)
ML23 Letter 23 mm 6.45
MN23 Number 23 mm 6.45
ML43 Letter 43 mm 6.45
MN43 Number 43 mm 6.45

Lead time: 5-10 days

SKU’s : ML23, MN23, ML43, MN43