Flexible Dry Wipe Magnetic Sheets


Magnetic Flexible Dry Wipe Sheets

Measuring 15 x 15 cm, these durable A4 magnetic sheets are a useful tool for organization and creativity on magnetic display

Hand cut or guillotine the magnetic sheets into any shape. Whether you’re creating headers, color-coding, highlighting, or planning and scheduling, these sheets provide the flexibility to fit your specific needs

Transform any magnetic surface into a personalized organizational hub. Use our magnetic sheets to create visual cues, reminders, or task lists, keeping your workspace neat and efficient

Pack of 6 Assorted Colours

Ref Size Pack Sheet Size (cm) Offer Price (£)
MDWS-6 A4 6 15 x 15 14.25

Pack Colours: Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red, Black

Lead time: 3-10 days


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