Magnetic Progress Indicators (SMF)


Magnetic Face Progress Indicators – Round Die Cut

Instantly indicate job progress or status with our magnetic face progress indicators. Designed for use with magnetic-based planning or information systems, these indicators are easily assigned and convey important information at a glance

Key Features

Versatile Application: Assign these magnetic face progress indicators to any magnetic-based planning or information system to instantly communicate job progress or status

Size and Colour Options: Choose from three different indicator diameters and three distinct colours/emotions to match your specific needs

Supplied in Pack 3 of a single colour/emotion & diameter

Ref Diameter (mm) Pack Offer Price (£)
SMF-25 25 3 8.45
SMF-35 35 3 8.75
SMF-50 50 3 9.25

Colours Available: Green (Happy), Yellow (Neutral) & Red (Sad)

Lead Time: 3-7 days

SKU’s: SMF-25, SMF-35, SMF-50