Modular 180 Planning Line Depth Panels

Panel Depth: 180 planning lines 

Metal profiled surface ‘rotating’ modular panels that link together within wall rail sets

Ref Description W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
MP-180 Standard Planning Panel 200 x 1180 152.95
MPS-180 Fixed Index Panel 100 x 1180 122.95
MPI-180 Sliding Index Panel 200 x 1180 199.95

All panels supplied complete with blank, 10 mm division header strips

MP-180 – gridded at 10mm increments with each 5th vertical and 10th horizontal planning line highlighted in white as standard. Panels may be gridded to any requirement – Contact the Sales Desk

Stock is currently limited, contact the Sales Desk for availability 

Lead time: 10-14 Days

SKU’s: MPI-180, MPS-180, MP-180