PTK-W-20 – Plastic T-Card Kit – 8 Column, 20 Slot Depth


Panel Depth: 20 slots | T-Card Size: Size 2

Plastic T-Card Kit comprising of 20 Slot Depth T-Card Panels, 7 x Planning Panels (Size 2) and 1 x Index Panel (Size 1)

The PTK-W-20 Kit can be utilised to meet your specific planning requirements, but is commonly utilised as A Week Planner (7 Day + Index) System

Additional Standard T-Cards and Plastic T-Cards are available

Ref Panel Depth Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
PTK-W-20 20 473 x 490 88.95

7 x 20 slot panels (size 2)

1 x 20 slot index panel (size 1)

1 x Link/Title Bar Profile (Set)

8 x T-Card Holders

8 x boxes paper T-Cards (white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue)

Screws, plugs and assembly instructions

Please note: Header strips are supplied blank (Image(s) are suggested applications only)

Lead time: 3-10 days


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