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Optimize Every Corner: Solutions for Workspace Efficiency

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In the dynamic realm of modern businesses, optimizing workflow and fostering efficient collaboration are critical for success. Eurocharts takes pride in providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to thrive. Let’s explore a small section of our diverse range of products designed to elevate your workspace, enhance productivity, and bring order to every facet of your […]

Unlocking Project Success: The Power of Gantt Charts

Introduction In the dynamic realm of project management, success often hinges on efficient planning, resource allocation, and timely execution. One indispensable tool that has stood the test of time is the Gantt chart. Eurocharts is a leading UK company specializing in manual planning boards and lean management solutions, harnesses the power of Gantt charts to […]

Planning for Christmas? We’ve Got It All Wrapped Up!

Don’t be a Christmas (planning) pudding; we’ve got some tree-mendous ideas to take the stress out of the holly-days! Read on or yule be sorry (oh deer!). Start Early, Plan Wisely Jokes aside, preparation is the key. As Love Actually shows, November is the time to start planning! Where better to begin than with a […]

Understanding Card Kanban – A simple Explanation & Example

What Is Card Kanban – In a few sentences Card Kanban is a production planning system that uses cards or tags to signal demand for a particular item or product. The cards are physically moved between different stations or processes to signal the need for production or replenishment of inventory. What Is Card Kanban – […]

Manual Planning Systems and Visualisation Boards in 2023?

Surely they disappeared years ago..? Really? –  I remember the same claims for truly paperless offices. Have you seen any? – I know I haven’t come across many. You are probably not even aware of how many manual planning and visualisation systems are in daily use. They remain popular, they have simply been adapted to […]